Global Resorts Network Review - Is GRN an Elegant Business Opportunity Or Just a Hoax?

Does Global Resorts Network (GRN) give its associates an opportunity to create a life of luxury? Do they really help you go to lush resorts at amazing prices? Or is Global Resorts Network just a new hoax?

This Global Resorts Network review is intended to give you unbiased data on GRN. It will help you to make an educated decision for yourself. By the way, I am not involved with GRN in any fashion. Keep reading...

Global Resorts Network Review

Who wouldn't choose to enjoy the most picturesque and romantic locations the world has to offer? And lodge in lavish resort dwellings at crazy inexpensive prices?

Global Resorts Network, GRN, is the network marketing opportunity allied with Gold Crown Resorts. Gold Crown Resorts has been setting the yardstick for outstanding customer service and superior accommodations for over twenty years.

At present, Global Resorts Network gives members the ability to choose from over 5000 lush resorts throughout the world. They regularly expand access to resorts by means of wholesale contracts, leases, and purchases of resort inventory.

Global Resorts Network Leadership

GRN's management and employees are among the most experienced in the vacation business.

Alfonso (Al) H. Morales is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. He brings more than 12 years of top management and travel industry background to the company.

Charles (Chuck) Tomlin is the EVP of Global Resorts Network. His expert experience includes over twenty years in the real estate management and development of large luxury locations.

Global Resorts Network Membership

GRN offers an affordable choice to luxury trips. They offer Platinum and Gold vacation membership plans. The Gold plan is a 3 year program offered at $1495. The Platinum plan is a lifetime program priced at $2995.

Membership affords you the chance to book one week trips on an availability basis. The week long vacations range in price between $299 to approximately $799. There is no limit to how many vacation weeks you can reserve based on resort availability.

Stay at luxurious, 3, 4, and 5 star destinations with all the amenities you can imagine. Top notch destinations with plush bedrooms, massive living rooms, full kitchens, and spacious balconies looking out at the magnificent waters. Destinations that offer views of world class golf facilities or marvel in breathtaking views of the mountains. Each room can sleep four to six vacationers depending on destination.

How much would it typically cost a family of four to six to stay at a first class destination without this program? Are you beginning to picture the value? And they offer you an opportunity, if you are open to opportunity...

Global Resorts Network Opportunity

GRN is a muti-level marketing opportunity based on the perpetual leverage compensation plan. In essence, it is a particular perpetual one up comp plan through an infinite number of levels.

Your 1st sale, which could be your personal membership purchase, is passed up to your sponsor. This qualifies your initial level. After this qualifying sale you can receive $1000 on each sale and your sponsor or another person in your upline also makes $1000. This continues in a certain manor through unlimited levels.

To fully understand the power of this type of earning plan, I recommend that you go to see the company's website. And keep in mind; I am not involved with this opportunity.

Is Global Resorts Network the best opportunity for you?

One of the major factors, in your MLM success, is joining an effective team with strong leadership. While reviewing GRN leaders, I ran into an interesting scenario. This leader is so self-confident in his capability to help members of his team do well...

He is offering a number of mentoring bonuses, as well as an Apple Macbook computer. However, this is a limited time offer. If you are even remotely interested in finding out more on the Global Resorts Network business, visit his website and check out his offer as soon as possible.